1. She looks 100x better without makeup, but she’s still stupid as hell.

  2. Josh

    Look at those bag ridges. Heh.

  3. Miss Moppet

    Oh she’s wearing makeup. Based on this shot, I’d say she’s got on foundation, one coat of clear mascara, some pink lip stain and some bronzer/blush. You can see the line under her cheekbone of the blush. Nude tits are fine, but a nude face is verboten for anyone who has taken Vanity Whore Photos 101.

  4. lily

    an improvement from the whore chic look but she still looks 15 years older than she is…time is not going to be kind to her no wonder shes trying to capitalize on it now. woof.

  5. Dirk Diggler

    She’s simply a doll that the obviously gay Doug Hutchison gets to dress up

  6. ashley

    Better without makeup, but stop with the lips already. You look super constipated, not sexy.

  7. LordAtama

    She always looks so old and used up.

  8. ReiR

    Ugh- with everyone else on this- not that she’s a great looking girl but at least looks WAY better with the less makeup- but the bizarre facial expressions need to stop.

  9. Allie


  10. jen

    what is going on with girlfriend’s armpits?

  11. What was that LEAVE BRITNEY ALOOOOONE guy’s name? Anyway, looks like him in a tub sans the ruby lipstick.

  12. Crissy

    Yup! Those are definitely Rillllllll!!! lmao!

  13. Twanners

    She looks like she’s trying to hold down a self-inflating life vest.

  14. R.

    Are those her knees?

  15. sexy.brains

    Isn’t she like 16? This is child porn.

  16. Tiare

    Btw, some girls have whiter faces than the rest of their body without make-up because they obsess over keeping it spotless & clear.

    But yes, a lot of people can’t tell the difference with natural looking make-up & make-up free face, that’s why some articles are annoying.

    She obviously has a lot of makeup on people

    • elliotspitzer

      Yeah honey, some of girls do have whiter faces than the rest of our bodies. You should see me after I step out the shower!

      Gabourey Sidibe

  17. she still looks pretty to me

  18. GET A CLUE

    This girl should be ashamed of herself. Claiming to be a good religious girl when she throws photos around like this? And this isn’t even the worst of it. I don’t know who is more disgusting…her or her parents. Or her dirtbag of a “husband” for encouraging a 17 year old girl to sell herself this way. He’s obviously creep and her parents are obviously fools. I’d use a stronger word for them but I guess they can only do so much, although I doubt giving your consent to marry a 51 year old man was the best choice. Someone with some sense would have atleast said no…if she went out and did it when she turned 18, cool. LISTEN UP COURTNEY…even if you aren’t trash you are presenting yourself as such. Honestly you are just attracting more perverts than anything but hey if thats all you want to accomplish in life, GOOD LUCK. You want to be famous so bad that you’ll act like a tramp. Do what pleases you but please DON’T EVER claim to be a good Christian girl or whatever it is you were trying to say. It’s sickening. Some of us have morals and values that we live by when we say we believe in God, but you, you are a joke. And hopefully one day you will grow up and realize how badly you are presenting yourself. At 17 years old! You are a child! Get it thru that pretty blonde head of yours because no amount of money is worth the sins you are acting upon. IDIOT.

  19. JLE

    This is borderline child pornography.

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