1. ts

    I kept thinking she would look better without her horrible makeup. Boy, was I wrong.

  2. LolaP.

    p.s. she does have makeup on…just not as much as she usually does. she is not a pretty girl. what happened to her in her childhood?? oh wait..she is still a child……..

  3. Josh

    She looks drugged.

  4. Cock Dr

    Looks like her odometer has turned over at least once.

  5. Bonky

    I like this shot. I might like it alot more later tonight when I got me some special “alone time”.

  6. sva1994

    Oh, so THAT’s what she looks like without a gallon of makeup.

  7. cc

    ‘A spark of intelligence’…her face is the antonym.

  8. Montana

    Zoom in on her left hand (That’s the thing under her left boob, it has a shiny thing on it) – does that look like it belongs to a 17 year old? I still think thi swhole thing is some sort of gag.

  9. r,

    does she not know how to close her fucking lips? jesus.

  10. ploof

    jwoww is blonde now?

  11. Jason

    I’ll be honest, she looks strangely sexy in this– in a slutty way. I’d almost consider hitting it.

  12. mark

    What an unlikeable, average looking skank.

  13. Courtney, if you’re reading this please take heed. You are so much prettier without all that makeup. Your skin is flawless and your lips are perfect without injecting them with botox. You are 10x hotter without all that nonsense.

  14. Old

    Her Mom obviously is 65

  15. Rae

    Shes prettier and looks her age without the make up.Yea, she has push up bras and all sorts of clothing that kinda make her look like a hooker…gotta wonder what workout routine she does to keep her body shaped like that….i still wanna thunk her parent in the head and be like “what were YOU thinking

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