1. ET Phone Home

    Surprised I didn’t see a pic of her mom feeding her cake off her fork


    It was only a matter of time before the fame whore mom popped up. And THERE is the reason that a teenage girl is dressing like a stripper and f-ing a 50-something c-list celebrity. GROSS. If that was my daughter she would be locked in the basement getting the slut beat out of her.

  3. Kuntybitch

    It’s hard to tell by those pics alone…which one is more effed up than the other. Just too sick and gross for words…

  4. yep

    obvious notes aside…

    did you guys see that view from their house?!

  5. Juniper

    The mom is prettier than the daughter…

  6. Observant

    I noticed that, too. The mom also looks younger.

  7. Anderson

    Her mom looks like a 90s porn star.

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