1. Dick Smokehand

    She’s going to drink piss along with her whore cake!

  2. spartacus

    Look, she’s in America, land of the baseball bat, why hasn’t someone dome something about this sooner.

  3. omgwhores

    omg what stupid bch.. never fuck bch like this, i’ll hope that somebody gonna throw some HCl..

  4. nevergiveup

    well, if she could get rid of the ugly fake tan, the fake plastic tits and the tons of makeup… she might even start to look like a real girl again.

  5. El_Leon

    Little stupid slut…as far as i remember she said that she was from christian family and was brought up in modesty and would follow their traditions blah blah blah…but just look at her skimpy dresses showing much cleavage and this particular top…

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