1. Jack Ketch

    Gross. Not attractive at all. Pathetic. The mom has to be a retard to allow this … where’s her unemployed husband ?

  2. Female

    Why does the mother look 10 years younger than the daughter?

  3. SOB

    What mother goes along with this? Not only accepts it, but is a willing participant?

  4. mickey01232000

    Is it me or could this broad’s face turn a funeral up an alleyway?

  5. what a shitty kitchen.

  6. cc

    Judging by the vacant look on her face, the last thing anyone should do is let her near a stove. ‘Ooooh, I’d better turn off that light at the back. Phew, it’s getting hot in here.’

  7. I’m willing to bet the mom was at least tempted to push her out of the way and stick her head in the oven for having given birth to that.

  8. ashley

    It’s funny, I look at these pictures and keep thinking “What a shitty small kitchen she has.” I thought this chick was freeloading off a millionaire. That’s, like, the size of my dorm kitchen.

  9. she’s flashing the oven?!? my mother would have slapped my stupid ass into next week for a) the outfit, b) the armband, c) the constant bj pout, d) the constant ass thrust.

  10. Am I seriously the only one that has a boner sticking out of his khakis right now?

  11. Hell, there’s a pretty interesting porno lead-in for ya!
    I’d prolly take a run at her mom, if it wasn’t for that gravedigger chin…

  12. The second she turns 18 she will be doing mother daughter porns

  13. JoJojojo

    That makeup….really? Really??

  14. spartacus

    Everything that’s wrong with America in one pic

  15. Miss Moppet

    Courtney looks like those asian girls that tan and tan then put on the shiny panda makeup. She’s straight up Ganguro.

    The weirdest part to me is that her mom is hot and she also looks about ten years younger than Courtney. Now it all comes clear! She’s encouraged her daughter to skankify and tannify in order to make sure that she remains the attractive one. Well played mama, well played.

  16. Kiroux

    Aaah, now I know where the famewhoring comes from! By the way, why does it say “her apartment” – she not staying in the same place as hubby?

  17. scottm4321

    umm, mom’s kind hot in a real way. not so fake like her daughter.

  18. rospo

    remember these photos in your family album that you’re ashamed of ? She’ll never know that feeling. She doesn’t know what shame is.

  19. joneszRRRR

    lmao she looks like older than her mother… eww…

  20. Anonymous

    Yup, there’s the ass-thrusting chest-expulsing classic pose.Too bad girl looks mentally challenged from face-up.

  21. ENV

    She’s a freak and so is her mom.

  22. awful

    i can’t even..

  23. Shugar Fox

    I think Courtney looks 100% hotter when she is wearing “no makeup” or at least the picture that says she isnt wearing any….. All that makeup just makes her look worse.

  24. This looks like a healthy mother/daughter relationship. No wonder she ended up in the arms of a child molester.

  25. Kim

    That face she makes. I don’t get it.

    • Arlene

      Her major problem is she has actually thinks that shit is sexy, when it’s really cartoonish. People aren’t laughing with her. She needs to get rid of mommy and hubby and get responsible management that isn’t just interested in possibly making a quick buck. It’s actually a shame. She used to be really pretty.

  26. Arlene

    What’s the big deal? Me and my Mom bake in our bra and panties all the time. I think my only complaint is I wish my Mom would keep her fingers out of my mouth. Especially after what she touches. I’m kind of a germ-a-phobe that way.

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