1. It’s gotta take a fair amount of work to look like your mom’s slutty best friend.

  2. siliconefree

    Maybe Obama will invite Courtney to the White House.

  3. ghad

    cant wait til this idiot turns 18

  4. elliotspitzer

    The mom.She doesn’t look half bad. I’d pay for her time.

  5. Sandy

    Which one is the mother??

  6. You can really tell she is wearing 2 bras. She needs to stop faking it.

  7. Franka

    They are both so natural. One would never guess that someone came sneaking by with a camera and caught them in an unguarded moment, enjoying a little quiet mother / daughter time.

  8. Franka

    These photos made me trip down memory lane; what are Heidi and Spencer Pratt up to now-a-days?

  9. Snarfypants

    I just want someone to tell her to lay off the frosted pink lipstick. It accentuates her thin lips and her little Chiclet teeth!

  10. chicka

    is she stirring the batter with a carrot? that’s not how you make carrot cake, silly whore!

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