1. Deafkitties

    This is so, so weird.

  2. duder

    These two seem ripe for a mother/daughter menage a trois. Doug, it’s time to start slipping in subtle hints like, “hey hon, your mom breastfed you, right? Don’t you think it’s time for you to return the favor.”

  3. Just like everyone else I zoomed in looking for her adam’s apple as well

  4. PluckyChicken

    Soymilk is a terrible binder for baking. I thought that when you sold your daughter into white slavery her skills in the kitchen were supposed to improve.

  5. Lita

    Somebody should really tell her it’s Silk and not cum.

  6. AsslessInLA

    She managed to cook an entire meal without bending over to show us her assets?! Must be maturing in her old age…

  7. JC

    “Oh, honey, being a stupid whore was one thing, but my heart didn’t truly break until I found out you used soy products.”

  8. yeah, i suck in my stomach when i drink soy milk, too. dolt.

  9. Mike Walker

    Good girl… now let it dribble all over your tits like it’s a giant horse cock.

  10. Brittani

    She must be so proud.

  11. Brittani

    Silk Milk’s stocks just plummeted.

  12. Rick

    Who is the jerk that even thought of comparing this easy lay with Bo #10 forever! It is just plain wrong. This “girl” has big boobs, a big gap so you will need a long rope and 2×4 to do her, and a freaking blonde genius, which is an oxymoron, should she even guesses what that means.
    Would I do her? Do they still make paperbags?

  13. Allion

    Her father must have fucked her, it’s a strange family with strange relationships.

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