1. Cock Dr

    This poor stupid guy.
    He’s gonna get burned so bad.

  2. Dick Folgers

    If that bitch is 16 years old, I’m 16 inches long!

    Also, how in the hell is it possible for someone to make a bandana look douchier than Brett Micheals?!?

  3. Crabby Old Guy

    Question: Is “3 1/2″ sign is for the length of his unit, or her IQ?

    Answer: It’s for BOTH – combined.

  4. Krissy

    Uhhhh so gross this makes me wanna vomit!

  5. splashsos

    Looks like she got ‘her’ tuck game pretty tight on most of these pics…….but on others where u can see her bikini bottoms from the back…it looks like she has a small penis……….

  6. WTF

    I hope he gets his teeth fixed when he has his penis removed. BTW–do a better stuff job on the top–if we can see a space, then you’re doing it wrong!

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