1. Jack Ketch

    Implants placed way too high … I don’t think they’ve even dropped yet …

  2. dick

    what’s up with the bra – hire a new photog darling, this guy has a shiite wardrobe

  3. JANE

    in love with the fact that her bikini top is 15 sizes too big,.. she is one ball of EW

  4. mindy

    I’m loving the band-aid tan lines on her arm. At least we know these pictures weren’t photoshopped… just poorly set up.

  5. MINDY#2

    OMG…I was just thinking the same thing about the band aid tanning lines or spray tan should I say. This girl has been saying the whole time she does not have implants, and I believed her, I knew she wore an extremely padded bra and these pictures just proved it. If she is gonna have anything done she needs some braces, most kids her age have that done. And do something with those thick dark eyebrows and bleach blonde hair, doesn’t match. She really needs to stop listening to her mom about everyone’s jealous, because believe me i’m 26 and i’m definitely not jealous of a 17 y/o. Honey you just need to stop, you would be so much prettier if you stopped trying so hard to be something you’re not. There is nothing to be jealous of.

  6. Nigel

    I gotta be honest, I think she looks shit, fake tan, tan lines, shit jewellery, Doesn’t even look her age and those padded bikini bottoms and bra, Damn, I’m 56 and I honestly believe he thinks hes set up for life with a good shag, She’ll be off finding some younger millionaire in two shakes . And she ain’t that hot,

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