1. Claire

    Worst spray tan ever.
    I am just waiting till she says everything was a joke because this can’t be real.
    Crazy people…

  2. LynzCatastrophe

    I’m going to go bleach my eyes after i post this because i have to remark.
    One, this girl is not 17, 34 perhaps, but not 17. Unless her love of the tanning booth has aged her prematurely. Two, as big as boobs get today with young girls, there is no way those are her natural size. I was an early bloomer as well but they weren’t as big as this.
    Next, there is waaaay too much padding in this bikini, it looks ridiculous and it doesn’t sit on her properly, case in point, the fact that i can see her tit.
    Now after that comment i feel the need to confess my sin. Everything else i did before this moment wasn’t as bad as looking at these photos. Meet Speidi the next chapter, we’ll be seeing lots of them as they attempt to become relevant in the public eye.

    • LRW

      I had a friend who at the age of 13 had double D breasts. It happens.

      • Hello

        cant you tell its the bra! look at 17/30, its clearly all padding.

      • DOUBLE D

        Not a big deal. Lots of girls, regardless of how young, can have really large breast. Its not their size that makes them fake. It’s the fact that real boobs dont have that circle line across the top of them – THATS the implant showing under the muscle. Not a big deal. I have fake boobs too, its okay. But they are not real.

  3. alexa

    lost cause i know but Next time you get a spray tan take your bandaid off first… nice tan line.

  4. hahaha

    ha, cant you people see that she has her boobs pushed up and stuffed in that bikini top, to the point where you can see her nipples in every side shot? they are definitely not fake, she has good sized ones, but not as big as she portrays them to be…

  5. bliss

    She’s a pornstar wannabee :LOL

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