1. Dave Mustaine

    Who is this hideous creature?

  2. Dude of Dudes

    I like how her eyeliner matches her hair roots.

  3. Krissy

    Oh my word she is so freaking wrecked! Meth face much?

  4. Mike701

    “Yes they are real. See, I can touch them!” “No Doug hunny bear, not you.”

  5. alexa

    I hope with the earnings from her five minutes of fame she decides to fix her teeth

  6. Ponkur

    Why am I still looking through these? What can I possibly think it might achieve?

    • Felix Unger

      its a train wreck, i cant look away… she is 17 freaking yrs old. why do i get to see her areolas? i could go to jail!!!!

  7. Piehole

    I think shes nasty. Her roots do match her eyebrows and liner. She looks desperate, like she needs to eat a few meals, and frazzled.

  8. ridiculous

    Honestly she doesn’t look so unhealthy. I mean look at other girls who are basically skin and bone. However this girl (Yes girl not woman by any means) must be truly disturbed. I pitty her. She not only must have horrible self esteem to dress and look like that but her childhood must have been messed up for her to end up like this and she is still just a child. She has years of life left yet she has thrown it all away. She scientifically doesn’t even know who she is. The poor thing has forever labeled herself.

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