1. AlbertaGuy

    Is that nipple on #8 or am I drunk and seeing things again?

  2. Dave Mustaine

    She’s gross!

  3. Robin

    all that money on fake boobs,spray tan,bleach and nails and she can’t get her snaggle tooth fixed?!

  4. BonyMontana

    Ew. First time Ive seen her face up close. Bitch is rough trade for 17. Do they not have cosmetic dentists in LA or does her pedo hubby not see the value for his dollar in fixing her teefs?

  5. killerkyle

    Number one: they removed the laser beams coming from her eyes.
    Number two: those teeth would shred any man into a half a man.

  6. Pip pip cheery-o

    Double D
    Dumb as Dogshit

  7. GinJonny


  8. meat

    Where is the sex tape. I mean it looks like there’s lucite around.

  9. Doctor Joystick

    If this reality TV thing doesn’t pan out for she can always get a job at Home Depot making keys with those teeth of hers.

  10. JB

    Oh no! This pic reveals the big boob illusion!!! (padded bra)You’re ruining it for women everywhere!!!!

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