1. Dr. Hufurrrrr

    “I’m 100% real”. Right. And Lindsay¬© is 100% clean and sober.

  2. DKNY

    Do I see a nip slip there?

  3. Bazza

    OMG look at her cheesy spray on abs.. Like really.. PLEASE

  4. Totally natural boobs, I’m 100% convinced. Hell, silicone is a fucking element, you can’t GET more natural than that.

  5. Robin

    again, shitty spray tan, check out her arm she looks like she has leporacy for christ sakes

  6. LRW

    Her breasts might be real. She’s wearing a majorly stuffed push up bar…bikini thing. AND then not only did she airbrush (draw on) her abs, but she also airbrushed brown circles all around her cleavage. Which all helps them look fake.

    Either or, she’s still a piece of crap.

  7. alexa

    Ok, when Marie Claire suggested added bronzer between your chest with a “light sweep” to enhance your natural cleavage, I don’t think they intended you to add it to your stomach or armpits with a marker…

  8. stfu

    she drew the lines above her boobs just like how she drew the lines on her abs. you can tell. the “shadow” isnt blended

  9. Meh

    Gah, she is so skanky! Blecch.

  10. Madeline

    Every time I hear about this girl, I just can’t believe it’s real. Thanks people for pointing out the spray tan, I am so far removed from this kind of lifestyle I wouldn’t even think of that. I don’t know why she chooses to make such a fool of herself and even worse why people let her. Realistically there has to be some psychological problems either in her or the people around her. This just isn’t normal. I feel sorry for her.

  11. Kelsey

    My eyes keep connecting her eyebrows. They are quite close together.

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