1. Cock Dr

    That is so ridiculous looking.

  2. Rupert Giles

    They don’t even look air-brushed, they look drawn on.

  3. Rob

    She makes LeAnn Rimes look downright chubby!

  4. WhoCares**

    Honey your orange tan and abs are running. *Get the spray paint…..

  5. kingofbeer

    worst spray “tan” ever.

  6. Venom


  7. hotair

    yup, not photoshop, someone just drew a rectangle on her belly. She’s an idiot and so is the “artist”.

  8. cuntlicker

    I’ve never known abs to be rectangular.

  9. Lucy

    Woo that bikini top is padded to the max! You can see where the nipples are!

  10. blonde

    Did she color-by-numbers her “abs?”

  11. Who is “managing” this chicks “career”, Snookie??

  12. Toxic Buddy

    Do you think they will notice my penis bulge??

  13. stephen

    you can see she has a c section scar too. 17 my ass.

  14. blah

    This kid needs serious help.

  15. jess

    oh wow! she airbrushed on her ribs too! you can totally see the stripes here. what a lunatic.

  16. Alison

    Wow, she has really deep nail beds…

  17. KittyTesty

    What the fuck is this shit?!
    Is that a rash on her left arm or patchy spray tan marks? Either way… nasty, nasty, ridiculous bitch.
    If she is 16, her parents should be thrown in jail.

  18. ashley

    A.) whoever did her spray tan is awful, its splotchy, orange, and her “abs” look like they were drawn in with a crayola marker

    B.) Shes wearing the Victoria Secret Miraculous Bathing Suit Top ( I should know I work for VS)… so she looks 2 sizes bigger than her already fake boobs.

    C.) Her extensions also look like shit

    D.) Who wears that much make-up in a bathing suit????

    I feel sorry for this fake female…Who is she anyways??????

  19. Grandpuba007

    This girl is 17 the way Britney “still got it”.

  20. toopier

    I can’t believe that you think those abs are fake! signed, Soccer guys that fall down, that Nigerian prince with no bank account and the “tiny classified ads” guy.

  21. pascale

    Hahaha, good call on the invisible plates.

  22. Ohgawdmyeyes

    and those abs are painted on wtf thats so sad..

  23. Joanna

    Whoever said she’s wearing the “miraculous” bra is right. I know because my grandmother has one.

  24. justsayin

    i am so sick of everyone saying those abs are fake. they are so totally real. everyone knows that if you wake up, do a headstand, have a protein shake, and then rub your belly while tapping your head for 5 minutes straight, that your abs will form 90 degree angles. and you will grow a treasure trail from your boobs to your belly button… and marry a pair of old balls… the oldest old wive’s tale in the book.

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