1. Ana

    I think you can see her nipple. Are we allowed to see her nipple? Like, does that put you on a watch list somewhere?

  2. D-chi

    Why does she look like Heather from Rock of Love?

  3. realityishardtits

    Thats actually not a nipple but where she is where padded inserts inside of her padded push up

  4. asf


  5. realityishardtits if you don’t see nipplage on 12 and 40 you need to get your eyes checked. there is more also but those 2 shots are very clear

    • realityishardtits

      U can still see the padded inserts even if her nips are showing , her boobs are like 3 inches away from the inside of that top and sry but only a few pictures of her is enough, I feel a mix of disgust, pity and stickiness for her .

  6. Robin

    naturally I too would sport massive heels to the pool

    • BK

      And let’s not forget the makeup. I casually put on a full face of stage makeup and fake eyelashes when I go to the pool/beach too.

  7. leftsidedwit

    I personally think she bears a high resemblance to a young Farrah Fawcett or Brittney Spears, maybe even a young Heather Locklear back in their heyday!!!

  8. mrsmass

    how is it that her boob is pushed up so far, yet there’s a gaping space between her boob and that bra?

  9. mfb

    say what u want about her but…I’D LOVE TO FUCK HER!!!

  10. JJ

    it must be exhausting being that fake. her parents must be so proud.

  11. Why is everyone making such a big deal out of this kid and her loser pedophile grandfather? She looks like the leftovers from a gangbang.

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