1. jim

    nice penis

  2. quasi

    Ok..why is the obviously retarded child, raised on “Jersey Shore”, being let out into the world after being dressed by Hugh Hefner? Somebody tell her to not were a damn super absorbent pad with a bikini…wtf?

  3. reformed_druid

    Tell me again how old she is supposed to be. Cause I still say she looks about 10 years older than she claims.

    He has got to be the creepiest guy on the planet though. If she though marrying this guy was going to help her career, man is she in for a shock. Someone would need to help him with his first. Maybe it was the other way around, maybe he thought marrying her would help his career. The way she looks, I doubt that one too.

  4. Jack Ketch

    Jesus, that “crotch” is either hairy as hell or there’s a sanitary pad down there … either way, gross.

  5. Felix Unger

    So natural.. her in heels him barefoot…. ewwww

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