1. .

    Invisible heels

  2. good job

    Her nipples are showing in just about every picture. Well done.

  3. deuce

    Her feet in pic 40 are awesome.

  4. 17 yes but a hard ridden, haggard 17. Fake boobs? probably not, just a major (ill fitting) push up bra, but she is showing nipplage on 12 and 40. Air brush? def not, just a bad suntan sprayer in abs area other wise they would have air brushed her vitaligo on her arms. Skanky? for sure. They will be divorced either during their show or as soon as it ends

  5. BG

    Her tits are a lot smaller than the bra but actually look pretty decent themselves. if she got a nice thin small bra that fit her chest nice and let a little nip show through that would probably look a lot better. her nips looks nice and pink. also her ass isn’t half bad in these.

  6. anon

    Pics 8 and especially 13 have actually convinced me that this child is only 17. Additionally, I think her breasts are real, albeit pushed up almost beyond belief (in some of the pics, it appears that she has a 2nd bra underneath, or maybe those stick-on things). When this Courtney/Doug thing came out I did genuinely think it was a con of some sort, and that she was in her early-mid 30′s. Now, I believe that she’s just a relatively pretty 17-year old child, who has not had plastic surgery, but who has had some kind of horrifically misguided upbringing.

    Prior to seeing this picture set, I had a jaded kind of bemusement towards this whole thing, thinking it was some kind of farcical setup. I am now utterly disgusted. Doug is sexually involved with a child. Courtney has suffered from exposure to such skewed values that she believes what she is doing is positive. This whole situation is repellent.

    Courtney’s nipples are visible in some of these shots. They still display the characteristic puffiness of associated with breast bud development. She is definitely still a minor. The pics where her nipples are visible should be removed, as I believe that publishing them may constitute a violation of U.S. child protection/internet pornography laws.

  7. mistermen

    LOL her feet

  8. erin

    the tan lines on her feet! LOL

  9. Melissa

    yes, either way, she’s a poor misguided “skank” as mentioned above, but I certainly do not believe she is seventeen, NO seventeen year old I know has the “teeth, tits and toes” pose down such as she does, and do you seriously believe she’s in love with him, or what his “fame” can do for her…yeah…within the year, we’ll be reading about the “break up”…

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