1. tlmck

    Nice tuck job.

  2. Venom

    Seriously, if she a dude?

  3. farting old man's wife

    could be a pad! Most 16 year old girls don’t use tampons! Then again since she is at least 35 it might be a tuck!!

  4. moose

    She can pay for ab-tanning (or maybe Doug did it?) but she can’t trim the beaver beard?

  5. Karl

    if she is 17 she has one hell of a untoned body, my wife is 35 and her body is wayyyyy tighter and less floppy than this girl…crazy shit.

  6. angela

    Ok, am I the only one who thinks it looks like she has a dick and balls in most of these pics? seriously- look at it ppl!

  7. Undercover

    Her feet are not orange…

  8. Bob

    Oh oh….I see a wittle peepee.

  9. FrankDodd

    He’s getting ready to blow her!

  10. Kandi

    OMG, yup, no question at all!

  11. Jack Ketch

    Er, pink and white feet and orange legs ?????

  12. Pabs

    This pathetic excuse for “love” is for sexually dysfunctional men that can’t get it right with women their own age.

  13. clamato

    She’s rockin’ some serious cameltoe and/or labia… I’d love to get a taste of it too!

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