1. JV

    A padded bra won’t hide nipple. Oh wait why did I say that, great, if this chick really is 17, I expect the paddy wagon to come in 3… 2… why hello officer.

  2. suck it


  3. Jack Ketch

    About as sexy as cold margarine …

  4. cougarbaite

    Does anyone else notice that the bikini is just not fitting correctly? She has stuffed so much tissue paper in her bra to push them up

  5. jales

    I didn’t know Brooke Hogan could get any uglier. Also – didn’t people stop wearing white nail polish when this girl was 6? Yuck.

  6. shan danger

    someone call the NSF it looks like leather handbags have become animatronic meth smoking famewhores.

  7. jules

    wait, so she already HAS implants and yet she still wears oversized, padded bras? I disappoint myself that I was genuinely surprised. As if I forgot the train wreck that I was looking at.

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