1. blah

    wow, talk about super-padded bikini….

    • Alison

      Seriously! I’m not convinced they’re fake. I think she gets them contoured when she gets her abs sprayed on, like drag queens do.

    • lol yea…that is a victorias secret miraculous bra :) two cup sizes up. she avoids water for a reason…

    • yeah

      i thought the same thing when i saw these! it is that bra AND if you look close it looks like she had stuffed it with something else. i can see this sort of nude colored thing near the center, which looks like ANOTHER bra or sticky boobs or something. i think her whole boob is pretty much what we can see sticking out. she’s in great shape, though!

  2. Daily Moisturizing

    Dude looks like a cancer patient.Not that there is anything wrong with that. I guess it’s completely ok to have an encounter with an underaged airbrushed prostitute before your balls shrivel up.

  3. Haha

    Loving the band-aid mark…Hepatitis vaccine?

  4. j

    Sloth love Chunk!

  5. Do_FreeBird

    Wow, terrible photoshop on the legs! FDR had better looking legs at 60 and he had Polio.

  6. Wait, I thought Yoda was the puppet…

  7. blergh

    I was really holding out that this is all a lie and she isn’t sixteen but she does look very young there. You know, under all the patchy spray tan.

  8. juicyfruit

    These photos are disgusting. Who are these people and why are you torturing us?

  9. this person(the fake blonde) seriously scares me. You must be so obsessed with money and have zero brain cells to actually have sex with a man that is your fathers age. A doctor asked me out, yes he was rich, but he was my dads age. i did not find him attractive at all. How does she have sex with him without crying and wishing she was somewhere else? that puta!

  10. Jenni

    Her boobs are totally fake .. if you look at the youtube video when she was in a pagent 2 years ago at age 14 they are MUCH MUCH smaller and even then obviously pushed up in the pagent bikini. Your boobs dont grow 4 sizes in 2 years unless you are having a baby .. get real!!

  11. mo

    How cute. She’s sitting on her fathers lap.

  12. Doh!

    If ‘hot’ were bottled, she’d be a glass world.

  13. mos

    Wow. I used to read The Superficial. After the Mormon comment, I’m done. You are funny, but that just shows your ignorant as well.

  14. Snooki's Taint

    I think I got herpes looking at these pictures. Can someone take a look at my ball sack for a minute?

  15. yomomma

    so why is she famous? She’s just some 43 year old cougar

  16. Was this photoshoot directed by Rob Zombie?

  17. mikael

    who’s the lesbian she’s sitting on?

  18. onos

    yay! shes legal next year lol

  19. Whatever

    Wow, that actually kinda looks like a real smile on her face. Whatshisname looks like a cancer patient, though. Poor patients, having to be associated with that.

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