1. Moments later, a huge sucking sound was heard and Doug’s head vanished. Sightings of a female centaur poured in to local authorities.

  2. WhoCares**

    Looks like he loves the feeling of balls rubbing the back of his head..

  3. Mary

    Her nipples are about ready to pop out in several of these pics. Pretty sure I can see a hint of areola in this one. It’s disturbing child porn, these two need to go away. But, as long as websites keeping giving them attention (such as this one), we have to be subjected to staged photos like these.

  4. jojo

    Her sprayed on abs are ridiculous

  5. Satan's bitch

    It’s only a matter of moments before we’ll be reading Dougie’s obituary.

  6. Swearin

    He’s dying from cancer, right? Is that what the bandanna is for? She’s just cashing in?

  7. Johnny P!

    It’s like freakin’ Speidi all over again.
    I hereby dub this papparazzi-alertin’, fame-whorin’, cardboard cut-out duo “Dourtney” (unless someone else has already of course…)

  8. Brooke

    No fucking way are those tits natural. I wold throw a fit about the underage near nip slip, but I really don’t think she’s 16 and human. Maybe she was built sixteen years ago, but she wasn’t birthed by anything organic.


    So instead of spending her time getting plowed by pretty much any cock she wants, she has instead decided to spend her time playing shoulder rides with an ugly old fat guy. Um, ok. Also, her tits look fake. It’s not that they’re big, it’s just that they look fake. And is that a tattoo on her left arm? You have to be 18 to get one of those, too. So she either really is 18+, or mommy and daddy have been signing off on tattoos and boob jobs.


    Er, she’s not actually 18? I was reading through the comments and keep seeing references to her age. WTF. I thought people were just being stupid, as usual. Ok then…I’m still not sure I even believe that. So did someone for real sign off on those plastic-looking things? How disturbing is that?

  11. STEVE

    I was just reading online and saw that her mom had to sign off on her marriage to this guy. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about whether or not somebody also signed off on her plastic tits. Although I’ll let you decide what it is that that tells you. That’s not a tattoo on her arm, it’s the bottom of her arm band.

  12. SlippinX12

    “Yes that’s a dick in my bikini and I’m happy to see you”

  13. She’s got those spray-on abs that give extra definition, lol shame.

  14. YUCK he is old as yuck!!!! i remember this super rich surgeon asked me out. im 20 he is 50…i never went through with it. She sure as hell did gold digger plus she is ugly.

  15. thequaz

    there is a hilarious video of her talking about her boobs, and how “they are real…everything about me is real…” hahaha those are for sure the realest boobs I’ve ever seen!


    oh look, a picture of me.

  17. Koz

    Doug is facing the wrong way.

  18. “Yes, we have confirmed that Courtney’s breasts are real and that her vagina is large enough to queef out a grown man.”

  19. Who??

    And for her illegal childhood marriage. Just stop talking about her.

  20. RRBILL

    Courtney Stodden is a great American!

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