1. ksmack

    STOP posting shit on this nasty ass fake awfulness–don’t pay attention to it and it’ll go away. Gross.

  2. 1983

    Her face looks like a glam version of boy george…….
    and those spray tan abs looks ooooo sooo natural…idiot!

  3. amanda

    spray tan abs + a super VS bikini, yup thats sexy

  4. Big_Mike

    This chick is fugly!

  5. Herpderp

    So it’s legal to post nude 17 year old girls now?

  6. Stewie Griffin

    Does this Twat have f*cking sprayed on abs!!!!!!

  7. sassy

    Aw, don’t you all love that awkward gangly stage before they grow into their fake tits?

  8. duh!

    LOL! Those spray tan abs are awful…it’s funny how they disappear in latter photos.

  9. fur burger

    so that’s what a shaved wampa looks like

  10. fake stuff i can spot:
    her spray on abs
    her miraculous bra-adds TWO cup sizes so it is super stuffed like a bra.
    Her hair
    her face
    and her tan
    probably her boobs too

  11. Cardinal Fang

    You can have your a-list beautiful actress or model who will never let you do everything to her. Or, you can get a girl like this who will do anything to please you. To me the choice is clear.

  12. azgirlgoneeast

    her abs and overall body shape are markably older looking than any 17 year old should, or 25 year old for that matter. such a joke, tired of this fame ho, can someone just find her real birth certificate already??

  13. Bahlder

    Are her abs airbrushed?

  14. The Most Interesting

    Fish, the site’s not working: I keep clicking on “View Original”, but I never see her body pre-surgery.

  15. ryan

    skinny little chicken legs on that bitch, not hot

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