1. Polk

    She’s got a couple of retard genes, for sure.

  2. mangezmangez

    you know what’s sad? She’s only 16.
    What I mean by that is she looks like a 40-year old botox real-housewife.

  3. Karen

    NO WAY IN HELL this thing is a teenager. The only quality that seems young about her (other than the newly purchased boobs) is her trying so damned hard to be sexy. THAT is something immature girls do. Courtdate..errr.. Courtney…just stop it! You look like an idiot

  4. 1983

    This girl is a “Anna Nicole Smith” waiting to happen…

  5. carmen

    she’s definitely using the AbAbber2000

  6. Uhhh.

    Ya, is no one going to comment on the fact that her abs are drawn on? Also, fake boobs, check. Gratuitous beach shots, check. Are you sure she’s not from teen mom?

    • Izzy

      hahahaha, I was thinking the SAME thing about the spray on abs!

      • LC

        yeah the abs kill me….who the fuck does that….if your going to contour your ‘abs’ in the first place at least do it so it looks real and not completely retarded like her

  7. azgirlgoneeast

    tits are fake, 100%, look at their curve on-top…..cause they profile out from her body. real boobs fall downwards, much like a tear drop, its really quite easy to spot the difference after studying a few cases!

    the daughter of a plastic surgeon

  8. kitarya

    Has anyone else noticed that her boobs are waaaaaaayyyy too small for that bikini top? There are huge gaps all over the place and it looks like they’re padded up so much that her nips are almost busting out of the top. I swear I can see a little areola in some of these pics. Also, the curve at the top is totally airbrushed on. I used to think her tits were 100% fake, but after seeing how giant that top is and the airbrushing, I’m not so sure…

    • Sand

      This. If she took out the padding, I think she could fit her hands or even an arm in the free space in that bra.

  9. nick


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