1. juicyfruit

    are these people retarded?

  2. Poison Ivy League

    Giddy-up, fortune! I got a lot of arm-bands and padded bras to buy!

  3. Nattypants

    She is, quite literally, riding her gravy train.

  4. doctor_joystick

    Is this where they got that “Footprints in the Sand” poem from? Makes sense to me.

  5. Anon

    She has vitiligo (what michael jackson had). If you look close on her arms and legs near her feet you can see the blemishes of lighter skin.

  6. Ogrev

    Looks like she’s piggyback riding just before she’ll break his piggybank

  7. thequaz

    “strong with the force is young skywalker”….

  8. Amanda

    Courtney: Giddy-up!, enjoy it while it last old man. I’ll just finger myself in the ass for now..

  9. whocares


  10. the commentator

    have you heard them in an interview…
    Celb retards…

  11. DeDeDEEEE

    her boobs arent realy that big if you pay attention. she has normal sized boobs for a girl her age, perky and firm.. its the bras that she wears to make them appear larger.

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