1. jojo

    who the hell wears high heels to the beach?

  2. Undercover

    Upside down and no movement from her boobs.

  3. Real boobs don’t have edges.

  4. Poison Ivy League

    That lesbian looks ready to eat.

  5. Krissy


  6. Meh

    Yeah, no way in hell those boobs are real. And no way in hell she’s a teenager. These people are ridiculous.

  7. Deryn

    “An’ I had a full house, an’ her dad had three tens, an’ he said, ‘I ain’t got no $4,000, man; what about you take this here instead’, and I swept ‘er up right then and there carried ‘er home jes’ like this.”

  8. Victoria

    Apparently silicone weighs more than human flesh.

  9. Alex

    Yup, those are real boobs… Is lying her ass off a sport for this bitch? 17 my ass!!! Which by the way is 32 and looks 10 times better than this bitch’s.

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