1. Jack Ketch

    In nearly every picture, she’s pulling at her top, always fidgeting with it … she forgot the clear bra straps today. Don’t see ‘em anywhere.

  2. NineInchNailed

    I would love to see these two walking down the street. Doug with his pink wrinkly skin, in his hip youthful hat and his thick winter jacket, stomping in those 5 inch lifts with that smug look on his face… And Courtni next to him. You can you just see how she wobbles in those 5 inch heels and with her long toes going over the edges of the shoes. You could just savour the seductive, crooked sandy pout on her face, the dirty orange paste on her soft skin, the luscious mismatched tits pinned up by Victoria’s Secret Wonderbra, the dry and yet somehow oily bleached sun-shine kissed hair… Seeing these two would somehow be poetic, somehow almost…almost beautiful.

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