1. jewels

    Why are all of her heels from dancers’ supply stores? Strippers don’t even wear ‘work’ shoes those outside of the club! And her husband makes me nauseated.

  2. JANE

    Why is she holding up a long sleeve shirt as if interested to buy it as if she would ever wear something that covers up more than 20% of her body

  3. jc

    Why don’t her shoes EVER FIT?! Her toes are always hanging out the front.

    • Jwlz

      Thank you! I’m always thinking the same thing. It looks terribly uncomfortable to have your toes hanging out like that!

  4. Lila

    how can she donate clothes when she doesnt even own clothes?!

  5. Charro

    And what is with the fake fur? Green Mile didn’t pay Doug enough to get her REAL dead animals? Oh, that’s right…back when he was collecting porn, doing drugs, and worshiping the goddess, he was also a vegetarian.

  6. VEGAN

    but real fur is cats, dogs, rabbits skinned alive in china bcos its cheaper
    leather is often the samne, own industry. dog meat/fur/skin is soft and cheap

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