1. CranAppleSnapple

    Again with the yellow lipstick.

  2. Herbert Von Peen

    Another Lohan. I like ‘em young, but this does nothing for me.

  3. I’m glad Dr Drew put the whole “fake boob” speculation to rest, now we can all bask in the knowledge that real boobs just look like this.

  4. Mike701

    Yes because real boobs have bag ridges too! It’s the way God made us all.

  5. ACS999

    Her face looks less harsh then usual in this picture

  6. More mismatched boob layers than a Turducken.

  7. Really?

    She’s donating clothes? To Goodwill? I wouldn’t be surprised if they send them back….

  8. Chinny

    I just wanna call her PancakeFace

  9. Jeffiner

    if she doesn’t have implants then shes stuffing way too many ‘chicken cutlets’ in her bra.

  10. Karl

    what will she do when hes dies around 70 and shes only in her 30s???

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Inherit his acting fortune? AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Matt

        He’s a good actor, just because he married some young poon doesn’t mean he isn’t. I’m sure he made decent coin from being in one of the greatest movies of the last 20 years AND the greatest TV drama ever.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Seriously? That movie and show were years ago now, and his efforts would not have had high pay because he was not the lead and was an unknown, and there would be no residuals attached either. He’d better be looking for more work.

      • MJB

        You don’t have to be a lead actor to get residuals. Doug has done quite a bit of supporting work on tv and in movies. So whenever and wherever the films or tv episodes get shown, he gets residuals.
        I have a friend who was a featured extra in a big Hollywood flick almost 20 years ago and he still gets residuals from that.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Yes, I’m sure he was offered points and merchandising too. That should keep up the rent on the double-wide.

  11. Allie Reno

    poor thing

  12. Kitty

    It looks like a combination of chicken cutlets, push up bra, and chest contouring (drawn in cleavage) to me. I’d say they’re real, and if she scrubbed off the shading, took out the chicken cutlets, and was wearing an unpadded bra they wouldn’t even look particularly large.

    • whatevs

      This. I’m pretty sure that they’re real, but people who don’t understand the “magic” of tons of padding and contouring to enhance cleavage can’t see it. It’s really obvious that her actual breasts are maybe half the size that she tries to make them look.

    • Haggy har har

      Yes! She does duct tape her tits together and buys bras waaaaayyyy too big for herself to make it LOOK like she has boobs that big. She needs a stylist? Anybody married to an unemployed actor needs a stylist. Lmao!

  13. Bleh.

    If she took her top off it would be extremely lackluster…

  14. Those things like two melons long ways up..I´ve never seen such strange shaped boobs.There´s way to much padding in the bottom of that bra.

    She looks like a prozzy.

  15. Hawktoes

    Poor girls shoes don’t even fit! Her toes are hanging off the edge.

  16. KumaTenshi

    That’s some insane padding in that shirt/bra. For christ sakes, you can see the damn padding down there. Her boobs may not actually be fake, but why in the hell would you constantly want to be having them squished together like that??

    Girls going to be saggy as crap by the time she’s 30.

  17. PoormansPamela

    Why doesn’t she just get a boob job instead of over stuffing her bra with chicken cutlets and air brushing her cleavage? I bet it’s because they haven’t gotten paid yet for their reality show.

  18. Maria

    Oh god, I’m just waiting for her to become pregnant… Poor kid.

  19. ugly

    Why is this stupid ugly bitch famous? She is 16? Why does she look like a 45 year old crack addict?

  20. ugly

    She is pretty good at tucking that dick between her legs. She looks like a woman in that picture….. We all know she isnt though.

  21. dont be retarded

    everyone is a fucking idiot. they arent fake boobs. its makeup.

    • JP

      It is makeup, she’s trying to make her real boobs look fake. Why?

    • Jack Ketch

      You need to change your moniker … they’re totally fake. Did you not see Dr. Drew and the round “thing” on the ultrasound ?? And the frightened look on her face when they found it ?? Grow a brain.

  22. German

    I’d still fuck her.

  23. Brooke

    Oh, I get it. Thanksgiving humor. Stuffing for the turkey.

  24. Droz

    Doesn’t she know that the metal armband thing was only for late 90′s strippers? Oh wait, thats when she started stripping

  25. Charro

    HOLY SHIT! Is she wearing…PANTS? I think I felt a few brain cells explode!

  26. Meanchick

    The bolt-ons are too high. Tell me again what her talent is?

  27. Meanchick

    Not even OJ would hit that.

  28. noyb

    wtf are the ppl at good will going to do with it. have a sale for prostitutes so they can get new clothes to hook in

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