1. Cock Dr

    Will he kill himself when she kicks him to the curb (after cash & asset removal is completed)?
    Or will he just go out and pick up another one?

  2. My first thought is “why don’t these two hurry up and make a porno, and please go away.” Then, in my second thought, I remember that she is a devout Christian and a “child of God”. Then I just feel terrible for my first thought.

  3. Skeets

    This hooker is a gold mine. Love it.

  4. lori

    what the hell is going on with her eyebrows??? They are soooo close together!!!

  5. Caprice

    I don’t think they were actually at a pumpkin patch, it’s the same 6 pumpkins on overlooking the same backdrop. They probably bought some pumpkins at the store and hung out on a hill behind there house taking pictures.

  6. Hoonyer

    that is one hard looking 17 year old….

  7. T

    Lori, her eyebrows are drawn on- that’s why they’re so ugly.

  8. lahope

    How long before he pushes her over the cliff?

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