1. Cornbread

    I keep expecting the next shot to show Chris Hansen stepping out from behind the bushes with a transcript from an online chat. “And is it true you asked the young girl to bring three pumpkins with large stems, cinnamon flavored lubricant, and a stockingcap? Is this your idea of a Happy Thanksgiving?”

    • Melissa

      I believe they are auditioning for a b-rated porn movie! Obviously, a reality show….no one can tear their eyes from a train wreck, no matter how horrible it is!

  2. doni

    I kept wishing there was a picture with a hayride driving past them. I would have loved to see the looks of shock and horror on the passengers faces.

  3. Melissa

    Can’t wait to read the “tell all book” on this crap, she’s probably already having sex with his manager and best friend!

  4. Grammar Police

    Still posing while supposedly passionately kissing, hilarious. But take a closer look … it doesn’t look right.

  5. armendj

    Gross gross gross. What is with her constant posing and the shellack she calls makeup? Ewww

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