1. Hiedi and Spencer what?

  2. It’s the Great Rumpkin, Charlie Brown!

  3. LegMan

    Here kids, feel these nice hard gords!

  4. Tim

    Say what you want- I’d eat that 17 year old fart box!! YUMMY

  5. WhateverYouSay

    These people are more obnoxious than Heidi and Sepncer. And that’s saying something.

  6. whitney

    I just can’t help but think how she’s going to dislodge those shorts from her ass crack. Crowbar? NASA? I don’t even.

  7. JANE

    No joke I’m jealous of her ass and legs!!! Thats as far as it goes though

    • Jack Ketch

      Don’t be jelly, the thing is half-retarded. And he must have had a lobotomy somewhere along the line to be going along with this fucking freakshow.

  8. prettypoison

    Please stop giving these people attention. She looks lke a drag queen and late 30s at least, he is a rumpled hot mess, it seems if you saw them in person they would smell….WHITE TRASH

  9. mike

    this is all kim karTrashians fault

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