1. I, for one, look forward to Hallmark’s new line of Halloween cards.

  2. titsonsnack

    Hahaha. OK seriously what is this chick’s problem.

  3. Meh

    Oh, good lord. This chick needs to go away NOW.

  4. dj

    I don’t care what anyone says I want to kiss her from top to bottom with a long pause in the center

  5. JANE

    Ok I think this girl is absolutely atrocious, with a 96 year old face and disgusting boobs, but her bottom half is amazing, I’ll give her that. She still needs to vanish from this earth though.

  6. huezu


  7. geee

    I see she had a latte, toast and eggs for breakfast…

    Classy little thing, isn’t she!

  8. Unknown

    She CANT be 17. You dont develop like that at age 17.

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