1. is flipping her up-side-down his signature move? i can’t understand why this wouldn’t be appropriate…

  2. Esoteric

    FYI real tits would be hanging towards her chin in this position, only bolt-ons stay in place when flipped upside down.

  3. LegMan

    Need a little more eye make-up?

  4. Melissa

    it’s just SO incredible that where ever this hoe-bag goes, there is a professional photographer right there….hmmmmm, i’m thinking all these pics are staged??? just a thought, LMAO

  5. slurricane

    the only part of her body i’m drawn to is her FUCKED UP teeth. seriously, those things can give a man nightmares. no matter if you hit it from behind, her cackling whore breath will make its way to you and break a limp dick.

  6. huezu

    Do they ALWAYS need to have ugly and disgusting sex in public?

  7. allison

    If you look you can notice padding under her tit. …Classy

    • BelleAmi

      That surprises you? You can tell without even seeing it but she wears one of those major push up bras….that is what makes her fake breasts look like two grapefruits were placed under her skin.

      What I don’t understand is people like her obviously don’t see the same thing we see when they look in the mirror…if they did then they would not go in public.

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