1. Alexa

    Did anyone else notice the almost-unibrow?

  2. Do Freebird

    She’s retarded right? Has anyone actually heard her string two coherent sentences together?

  3. One of these is an orange gourd decorated to either entice or frighten. The other is a pumpkin.

  4. Skin discoloration AND a hungry for flesh look. Oh, I get it! She is a zombie. I am ashamed I missed this.

  5. Jinxx

    Unibrow and happy trail in almost every picture, or is that her spray tan running? Yes yes epitome of sexy!

  6. Yuck

    This child is extremely unattractive.

  7. Robin

    so with all the $$ spent on bad plastic surgery , bad dye job and spray tan, she didn’t bother to get her snaggle tooth fixed???

  8. Whatever. She looked good. Just a bunch of jealous mommy types that saw hubby’s eyes drifting.

  9. Yuki

    CourtneyYay! Oh my goodness- I am at work and I just qseuaked out “Yay!” out loud and I am sure that everyone here thinks I am crazy. Soo excited! I would like the letter “A” for AceMan. And now I am going to have to go out and buy some pink and purple and green fabric and try to make one for Emerson because I am sure she will want one too! Thanks so much Paige!

  10. Chris

    I would introduce your eyebrows but it seems they have already met…

  11. Marrissia

    She has definitely had a boob job and something done to her lips!

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