1. Jess

    Wow, Doug is strainin’…

    • Cock Dr

      He does a lot of that these days.
      Well if he dies it will probably be with a smile on his face. Seems like he’s just a fool for pussy.

    • Snack pack

      There is just too much going on in this photo to decide on what to focus: her stupid facial expression, her stupid shoes, her stupid boob in his face, his grimace trying to see around the stupid boob, did she forget to wear underwear, did those pumpkins collapse under their combined weight, why didn’t he tie his boots . . . AGHHHHG!

  2. KWDragon

    Someone should arrest that pumpkin for inappropriate contact with a minor whi… Oh, wait. That’s Doug. My bad.

  3. Is it just me, or are the stocking caps Doug is always wearing the creepiest thing about this couple?

  4. Plurp

    Man she has an enormous cunt. You could drive a truck into it.

    • mike

      for all you guys and probably a few females for that matter… you are hypocrites. you wouldn’t even undress her. you would bend her over and fuck her in her boots right up her daisy dukes.

  5. Melissa

    Nice unibrow

    • baccusvd

      The best part is HER UNIBROW IS DRAWN ON. What s FUCKING tool, at least Anna Nicole Smith was someone you could pity. Theres something about this Courtney that just pisses EVERYONE off.

      Also shes not a teenager for the LAST time.

  6. Willie Dixon

    Crap. I just read the part where she’s 17 *after* looking at this pict. I’m going to jail.

  7. Jason

    Not only can she poop pumpkins, but giant douchebags too!

  8. Ay Dios mio

    Thug Santa

  9. patricia

    Can you imagine what this girl is gonna look like in 5,10, 15 years?!? She looks to be in her 30′s now. She probably is pretty under all that shit.

    • Jack Ketch

      She’s not … she is very, very average-looking plain Jane. It’s her mother’s fault. Go to Awful Plastic Surgery to see old pix without make-up.

    • BlahBlahBlah

      Actually, before the plastic surgery, the bleached hair, etc., she was a very pretty girl. Shame on her parents for what they turned her into – and Doug. Never realized he was the sleazeball she married… I used to like his acting. Now, I’m just gonna be creeped out any time I see him in a movie.

  10. “Celebrating our first Halloween together! Wish you were here! Love, The Aristocrats”

  11. Linda


  12. snarkyscreenname

    I cannot *believe* this girl!! Gag!

    I can’t believe she’s wearing white shoes after Labor Day!

  13. sasha

    I didn’t know who these two idiots were so I tried to look them up. I still don’t know who they are but I do know I’ve wasted enough time on them.

  14. imbetterthanyou

    Her parents must be so proud.

  15. jenn

    that plant looks like it has a vagina. trying to compete i suppose.

  16. Mike Walker

    Slurp, slurp, slurp…

  17. meg

    She couldn’t find a guy maybe just a leeeetle more attractive to carry out this “I’m going to get famous now” idea?

  18. castallare

    I am looking at everything that is sexy and wonderful in the world with this image. USA! USA! USA!

  19. Choyce2020

    When I see a photo of these two all I can think of is….smelly trailer trash!!!

  20. geee

    She’s really a dude…. isn’t ‘she’?
    That or a hermaphrodite.

  21. geee

    ………….. do I see labia??

  22. eww the look on doug’s face is so sleazy like hes licking his lips or something!

  23. Marrissia

    She needs to close her legs!

  24. meeester

    Sure is a sweet natural smile….and her also.
    gotta admit; she looks pretty good for 56

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