1. Deacon Jones

    Nice ass sweetie, keep it up

  2. Snooki's Taint

    There’s a fat girl in that skinny girl screaming to get out. because the skinny girl ate her.

  3. stacy

    OK. Have to admit thats a nice ass.

  4. weirdo

    I’d like to sniff that ass and then lick it!

  5. Where’s her 6-inch spike sandals?

  6. JANE

    Her hair makes my hair cry

  7. Dom

    He ass is disappointing compared to the rest of her body. It’s too flat for me.

  8. diaz

    her ass is as flat as a pancake… pretty much non existent… how is that a nice ass?

  9. ToriLyn

    I like a girl i can hang out to, so i guess the tits would work IF they weren’t fake, so really she has nothing to offer me that i’d desire. but that was a hilarious and well written blog post.

  10. Panty Thief

    this broad is so hopelessly average. It was mildly intriguing when she was a child bride, but the second she turns 18 she ceases to be remotely intriguing.

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