1. Cock Dr

    She wipes out in 6 inch surf.

  2. KickNdaJunk

    Anything more than waist deep, and I guarantee she melts.

  3. spartacus

    Not a fucking clue

  4. Sassy

    What an extreme skank!!!!

  5. Superdouche

    So does she actually even surf? Or just run around posing with a board while people take pictures? She must have realized her make up will wash off if her face gets wet…

  6. The Most Interesting

    C’mon! Like half the audience here doesn’t already fap to her SFW pics…

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, she *is* in a receiving position…

  7. Shark

    Sorry Miss, you’re cited for criminally excessive vamping. You can accept a fine, incarceration, or you can make one or more porn flicks…guess which one we prefer?

  8. That is exactly the perfect position for a woman like this.

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