1. Oscar

    The face on the girl in back sums up my feelings entirely…

  2. Bazinga

    Yup. Push up bra.

  3. You need to stop posting about this nasty bitch. It’s bad enough she was front and center ALL weekend.

    • BaccusVD

      I’m 99% sure it’s paid add space. Seriously dunno how much, or why someone would pay to be made fun of but theres no other explanation.

      So I ask photo boy and the other writer HOW MUCH? I can be insufferable and skanky. And a drug addict, and a liar, and poorly dressed, and fat, and untalented like your other subjects.


      No seriously I dig this site but there are stories planted and paid for my certain “stars” I use that term loosely.

  4. If more women dressed like this to go to church, less young boys would be getting priest-raped.

  5. fibz

    Please stop perpetuating this chick’s “career”. Just nasty.

  6. boner

    Can she just go away?

  7. Lita

    Nothing says religion more than dressing like a whore.

  8. AnnaDraconida

    That chick in the back makes the appropriate face.

  9. Meanchick

    Going to church wearing that dress and carrying a Victoria’s secret bag? Is that what she’s putting in the offering basket? Just plain trash.

  10. VEGAN

    boy with fake boobs and paint
    she could look really nice if that pedo left her alone

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