1. ThisWillHurt

    “OK, act natural, Courtney. You’re just going grocery shopping with your tits hanging out. Ignore the paparazzi.”
    *walks in front of giant fan* *tousles hair back*
    “That’s right, nothing to see here.”

  2. Anyone else notice that she got new novelty sized breast implants…but still stuffs her bra to make them look bigger?

    It’s like she feels that huge tits is the only thing of value she has to offer the world. So she’s not as stupid as we thought.

  3. When the backache begins, she drops her tits into the trolley.

  4. Alan Alda's Nutsack

    Is this a joke? What a waste of space on the camera memory card.

    She’s hideous. Disgusting. Rotted. Not good looking at all!

  5. richie


  6. samwise

    Where the hell does she buy her clothes seriously every outfit is some lycra/spandex abomination she married into “hollywood”??? hun your not doing it right.

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