1. Its Me

    I want thi sbitch naked!

  2. vgirl

    Don’t worry I’m sure she’ll be in playboy once she’s 18. That will be the pinnacle of her career.

  3. Good that a platypus in her bikini?

  4. karlito

    i can smell the fish from here!!!

  5. Crissy

    I bet tomorrow’s lunch money that those nipples are part of the padding she uses to stuff all her bras! You ain’t fooling anyone honey!

  6. R.

    The weird gap between her boobs makes it obvious she has implants. Doubt she’s really 17

  7. Panda

    Yup, that’s disgusting, shi tbrown, California beach mud… sexy.

  8. bad photoshop job. there’s so weird stuff going on in her cleavage (shown in other galleries). it was poorly photoshopped out in this one. there also appears to be some bruising on her boobs and her cheap fake n bake is streaking off. poor girl.

  9. mark

    This hag wishes she were Bo. Bo was a natural beauty with a gorgeous face, perfect bone structure, sexy eyes. This is an aged skank who should be shooting videos in Chatsworth.

  10. BbyBluThghHghs

    Her fake tan is dripping off…

  11. renee

    what an ugly slut with skinny lips. her mom is super ugly! doug should be arrested, what does that old fu-k think? that that slut wants his ding dong?

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