1. Loves a good game of fetch.

  2. what's wrong with america

    this is the first picture i have seen of her where she doesn’t have those stupid ass hooker shoes on

  3. BWong

    White girls with cornrows are a freak of nature

    • Patty

      My neighbor used to put them in my hair all the time before I went to bed back in the late ’70′s. When I woke, she’d take them out and my hair would be so curly and kinky, I loved it. She was a sweetheart. It was a big thing to do back then, cornrows. Everyone did them, it didn’t matter the color. She did mine only because I was raised by my dad and he only knew ponytails. He wasn’t much of a braider. I think he was relieved when I begged for a Dorothy Hamill haircut. LOL (Now I really am showing my age)

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