1. Erzulie

    Even from behind she’s retarded looking. p.s. that is not the ass of a 17 year old…

  2. j/k

    Keep going.

  3. rican

    She has some weird shit going on in the back of her knees. Caution when zooming in.

  4. hhjegre

    SHES NOT 17! omg are people retarded? it’s a lie, for publicity. she’s NOT 17.

    her ”age” is just as real as her tits.

  5. Hol's

    Is this that retarded chick that goes “jogging” with platform heels on?

  6. Weirdo

    I don’t care what anybody says, I’d replace that bikini bottom with my face!

  7. Beezer

    From an old man Bo’s bikini was not gold and shiny at least not
    The 10 bikini

  8. Julie

    I just feel sad for her…

  9. Deana

    That is the nastiest braid job I’ve ever seen, and no where near to how well done Bo Derek’s cornrowed braids were in the movie 10! As for the bathing suit, not only did Bo not have a gold swimsuit it wasn’t a bikini either. She had a tan colored one piece. However, regardless of what she’s wearing, regardless of how bad her braids look, and no matter what is real or not, the boobs or her age, she is delusional to think her nasty enhanced looks could ever compare to Bo Derek which is one of the top natural beauties of all time in the entire world!

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