1. Bo’s were real, honey.

  2. Just Me

    Bo Derek today would still look better than this chick!

  3. not quite

    Ha Ha she can’t completely pull of the Kate Upton bikini since she still has to have full coverage on top for all that padding. She’s got the tiny bottoms but the top is way to full coverage to match the bottoms. It looks stupid just like her.

  4. Reece

    To the naked eye you can’t tell, but she just replaced her bargain bin stripper heels with the ‘Criss Angel Invisible Levitation Stripper Heels 2.0 (“Now with more Douchiness!”)’

  5. This Guy

    I would do an obscene amount of sex with her.

  6. Jess

    WTF people????
    So alright, she’s an attention whore who wears too much make up. Ok, her boobs aren’t real.
    New flash….. neither are 95% of Hollywood.
    Anyone saying this chic is ugly, or doesn’t have a nice ass, or anything else is just jealous.
    Stop hating on the beautiful just cause you’re fat and would rather pick apart other people then get off your ass and become one of them!!!

    • thespiral

      So nice of you to join us, Doug…

    • kiki

      OK not hating she’s a dumb bitch. Speaking for myself there’s noting to hate on. Am a 31 year old mother of 4 who looks 18 still I have a fulling job and model on the side. So I say again nothing to be jealous about

  7. Patty

    I understand why so many people can’t stand her, really I do. What I feel when I see her is sadness. I don’t care how old she is. She could be 14 or 41, this is someone who’s parents didn’t care as much about. They obviously love money more. It seems they pushed and pushed to get her to this track in life, putting her in Doug’s path. So she went from one user to the next. Somebody has to pay the mortgage. You don’t think mom is going to wind up in the magazine do you? That’s not who these photogs want. They’re users too. Just like with all these Hollywood kids, everybody gets used up until there is nothing left and they die of OD, suicide, or just old age and broke because Hollywood didn’t need them anymore, they used them all up. I see a girl who’s maybe a better actress than we give her credit for. Does anybody really think she’s truly happy with the role she plays? Would you be? Would this be the life you have picked out for yourself? Would this be the life you thought your parents picked out for you? This on that a bit before we remember this girl may become the next River Phoenix, or who knows.

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