1. SOB

    NOT Bo Derek , forget about 10 , not even 5

  2. MisterSuccint

    I’d rather do Dudley Moore
    … today.

  3. Mrs. Binkey

    ahhhh!!! Kill it with fire!!!!

  4. bbiowa

    If I play Bolero backwards, will she go back into the ocean and drown?

  5. KungFu Panda


  6. Kbird

    The things nightmares are made of.

  7. absinthe

    The Loch Ness Monster emerges from the lagoon.

  8. Viewer

    Christina Aguilera V. 2.0

  9. Eugene

    Now we’ll never get the smell out of those fish. :^(

  10. Ned

    Boring. Pathetic.

  11. Myslinky

    Every picture I see of her makes feel like I’m looking at an ad for a charity and should donate a dollar , because ya know , its not going anywhere anytime soon and we need to find a cure .

  12. B-rad

    Wheres a giant wave when u need one

  13. busty sinclair

    This is what herpes looks like.

  14. Ticonderoga

    Always wears too much make up.
    And i can’t stand her lips.

  15. tim

    she makes me hard as a rock

  16. mark

    On a scale of 1 to 10, she’s a negative 40. Shows how we’ve declined as a society. Braids and bikini do not make a Bo. This pig has no beauty whatsoever, inside or out.

  17. OmustGo

    Picky bunch of mutherfuckers aren’t you. I would blame it on a constant flow of quality pussy, but my money is on the lack of any pussy.

    • Buddy The Elf

      You can always spot the teenager post, chastising people with taste for not drooling over desperate, nasty, unattractive skanks just because they have a pair of tits.

  18. Holy crap… Maybe Sally Struthers should do a commercial for this girl.

    I wouldn’t know whether to kiss her or make her a sandwich….

    Like making out with Skeletor.

  19. Kiki Cohen

    Looks a decade OLDER than Bo, but would make an excellent
    poster-child for that new herpes vaccine! Prob pays well….

  20. Bob

    For the love of god, please shoot this girl in her fucking face. Put her out of our misery.

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