1. Ewwwww

    What the FUCK is she doing???

  2. Doctor Joystick

    “Courtney, quit trying to get out of the high chair or Daddy won’t make the choo-choo sound.”

  3. Never saw someone eat spaghetti doggy-style. Maybe they eat sausage & cannoli 69 style.

  4. HC66

    If they really ate that way in Europe, or at least where I live in Belgium, I’d go out to eat a lot more often…

  5. cc

    He said ‘just get comfortable’ and that’s the first thing she did.

  6. He’s the only one at the table who knows what to do with the balls.

  7. Jimmy

    Who the F*** eat’s like that or just has a picture taken like this?? And she wonders why people call her a Whore!

  8. Um WTH is she trying to do, if it’s look sexy, she FAILED!

  9. C’mon. I eat like that ALL the time.

  10. Do you think the photographers just fu** with her? You know, suggest all these insane shots because like Mikey, she’ll do anything? She looks like she’s gagging on that mouthful! She has NO developed concept of what makes HER look sexy. Ugh.

  11. Angela Naomi

    i thought she was a vegitarian why is she eating pasta with mince???????????????????? The fucks going on

  12. Mick

    Everyone else at the restaurant vomited and left.

  13. He looks like he has just had it. Bored and over it. Oh, what the camera catches. He is probably fantasizing about stabbing her.

  14. Kyle

    the garlic bread is turning me on

  15. Allison Wunderlan

    It warms my heart seeing celebrities helping the blind.

  16. Do it. Zoom in. Zoom in on the bottomless pit, so cavernous that no light can escape it’s STD-filled pull.

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