1. mickey B

    Unless it’s called ‘Lady is the Tramp’ I’m really mixed up how this is supposed to work.

  2. Cock Dr

    I think the frozen Walt Disney would probably spin in his cryogenic capsule over this.

  3. DD

    Doug is a little bit of a pansy, but I don’t think it’s fair to call him a “lady.”

  4. Caroline

    So I guess he’s the lady, then?

  5. Arpie

    And that’s her carb allowance for the week…

  6. cc

    I can’t wait for the part where he nudges a meatball her way with this nose.

    • TurkusMaximus

      ahhahaha! thanks for that. The Lady and the Tramp references above were great but you added the touch that says “I care” with that visual.

  7. RobN

    That’s just too easy; making fun of this isn’t even sporting.

    • mook57

      seriously, this reached the “..it would be funny if it wasnt so fucking sad..” realm about, oh i dont know, the second time i layed eyes on them and figured out they were serious…kinda like the spice girls, back in the day……

  8. “She saw ‘Lady and the Tramp’ once”…. in the mirror.

  9. NVT

    In other pictures she is wearing a PETA shirt that says “vegetarian”, yet here she is eating spaghetti bolognese. Weird.

  10. She saw Lady and the Tramp once…when she was little…a few days ago!

  11. rach

    why are their no drinks? water even??

  12. Jimmy

    Now this makes Lady and the tramp look Bad!

  13. JJ

    Oh look Oldie and The Tramp! Jesus that bitch is just nasty! It’s like Clamydia in heels!

  14. Kyle

    Hot damn, I’m drooling. everything is awesome in this picture except the background behind the garlic bread. lets just crop the bottom left quarter of this pic

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