1. Raoul

    I had no idea that someone could give strawberries VD.

  2. cc

    A rose by any other name is a slut.

  3. ET Phone Home

    on a side note, it’s averaging about 58-degree highs in so cal with snow in the mountains and a biting wind… great bikini weather. Maybe whatever she’s on makes her impervious to the cold.

  4. Snack pack

    Just fucking nasty.

  5. InternetRocketScientist

    I don’t know how I can possibly watch those two episodes of Lost he was in the same way as before.

  6. spartacus

    She really does love that arm bracelet.

  7. Olliehay

    It’s like he’s cramming it into her so hard it’s arching her back. It could be the cover of a murder mystery.

  8. Why does she insist on wearing that stupid armband circa 1990′s all the damn time!

  9. mk-ultra at its trashiest :-D

  10. laalaa

    This is the Walmart version of strawberries and cream……. Rediwhip. LOL Sad thing is she really thinks shes is hot.

  11. PIper

    Tooms is at it again! Quick, someone call Mulder.

  12. Put It In

    WTF is Courtney Stodden and Doug?

  13. Happy_Evil_Dude

    I don’t get the “she’s a man” comments. She may the stupidest thing alive but I’d do her without a second’s hesitation.

  14. Allison Wunderlan

    This is so cute. I saw a daddy cardinal feeding his baby this way last week. Well, except he was vomiting in it’s mouth.

  15. neo

    Roses really smell like Poo-poo-poo!

  16. So...

    What’s the deal with the arm band? She has it on in just about every photo I’ve seen. Also, does she ever actually DO anything besides sand around posing? Even in the “tennis” pics, all she’s doing is posing… What a poser.

  17. Crystal's Mom

    Translation: the attention faded after she left the scary-looking pedo, so she is back to fucking him in exchange for helping her stage the most redonkulous staged photo sessions the world has ever seen.

    Atheists should celebrate, however, because the continued existence of these two shit stains and the Kardashians proves that there is no God.

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