1. The Winchester

    They’re gonna pull an M Night twist on us and reveal that everything they’ve been doing has been some bizarre performance art piece, and that she’s really 36 and he’s hasn’t become the incarnation of his Looney Bin Jim character from Punisher War Zone, and by doing so they’ve pulled back the curtain upon humanity’s obsession with youth, superficiality, pseudo celebrity, and everything that these pictures represent.


    Because they can’t just be about a moron and a horny old man, can they?

  2. Doctor Joystick

    Looks like the Special Olympics have finally graduated from just giving hugs at the finish line.

  3. cc

    I just thought for a moment what it must be like to be one of her parents and see this pic…and not have a rope and a chair handy.

  4. ET Phone Home

    I just don’t get why everything they do is so sexual. I mean be sexual fuck all you want but if they’re “so in love” why are there never any sweet pictures of them (eg, a cute kiss), even if she does look like a sleaze? In every picture she looks like she’s starving for a gang bang. I like to think one day they can look back and wonder what they were thinking, but let’s not kid ourselves here.

  5. downwithmuffins

    doug: ‘so do you wanna have our once a month sex when we get home?’
    gutter troll sailor barbie:”dont be gross! you know i get off enough from having my picture taken.. MEN’

  6. The trouble with being 52 is that after a while, the joke stops being funny. And probably Doug is tired of it, too.

  7. Jimmy

    Such a attention Whore!!!

  8. George P Burdell

    Him: “If I could get an erection, I would cum right here.”
    Her: “If I could feel that, I would let you.”

  9. Meh

    Ugh. These two just gross me right the fuck out.

  10. narp

    Oh well somebody had to kick Pam Anderson out of the slut saddle…

  11. Allison Wunderlan

    I spent Valentines Day having sex. And my mother didn’t have to sign papers saying it was OK. Neener, neener, neener, Courtney.

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