1. Doctor Joystick

    “See Courtney, all you have to do is vigorously rub the neck of this thing and it shoots all over. Now let me get Mr. Happy out and you can show Daddy how you do it.”

  2. cc

    Ooops! Premature again!

  3. undercover

    Those shows are idiotic looking.

  4. ej

    I hope that’s not alcoholic !!! she’s still got 4 years to go!!

  5. Twanners

    She’s standing on the champagne glasses.

  6. Really?

    He’s giving a teenager alcohol? Oh, that’s how he got her to marry him.

  7. lol I love how she is able to scratch the backs of her knees while standing.

  8. he looks like a lesbian

  9. eewah

    bice cheap ass spray tan. creepy & weird.

  10. brosephina


  11. NeeNee

    nothing like a lil girl trying to look older than what she really is with her fake boobs and padded bras and with an old fart for a husband, jeesus, don’t worry courtney your hours in the sun is already aging you by the decades honey, just keep doing what you do best and look like a worn out hooker before you hit 20.

  12. Allison Wunderlan

    Damn her! That’s the same outfit I wore to the office today. Now, it looks like I’m copying her!

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