1. LRonHoover

    Those are NOT the thighs of a 17 year old.

    • Rissa

      I know, right? She wears those damn classless heels all the time. you’d think her legs would be very toned!

  2. CJ

    it concerns me that this was conducted so close to my home…

  3. Someone needs to giver her “sexy face” lessons. Because what she thinks is a sexy expression is somewhere between “high on ecstasy” and “extra chromosome”

  4. Photo taken two minutes before the owner of the boat showed up and screamed at them to get back to work: “Those barnacles aren’t going to scrape themselves!”

  5. theweatherman

    At first I thought she only had one shoe on. Then I realized that I had just mistaken his leg for her leg and that he wasn’t wearing shoes. Then I realized that I couldn’t tell the difference between 70 year old man leg and supposed 17 year old girl leg. Ahoy polloi

  6. Snack pack

    Wow, she’s looking even more unhealthy. I’m not a death-pool guy, but if I were . . .

  7. BAHAH

    I’ve noticed now she’s started wearinf more open bikini tops. I think she got her boobs “checked” to prove she had any implants and THEN got them. It was SO goddamn obvious before she was over stuffing and padding, now I think she got them to she can say they’re “rweal”. Goddamn skank.

  8. julia_grey

    wow! who knew that farting on someone could look so hot!

  9. Melissa

    Zoom in on her feet. Just do it.

    • splashsos

      Oh god WHY did I zoom!?!?! Those are the feet of an expired stripper/streetwalker…..or a zombie……..

  10. Frank The Duck

    WTF size sailboat can you cover the whole cabin width with a 50 year old legspread ? Is this in a bathtub?

  11. God is Blackeats livers

    Toom’s eats livers I thought not fricken strawberries? (X-files)
    Those are Cracker legs indeed, pale,skinny and hairy!

  12. Jimmy

    Looks like she shit all over her feet???

  13. Grace

    Her spray tan always (ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS) looks jacked up. It’s never uniform around her knees, ankles or wrists, that’s why it looks like she has shit on her feet. Ugly skank.

  14. boing

    nice paraplegic legs!

  15. fandy

    The catch of the day is rank, oh I mean skank

  16. PIper

    She’s so in love with his pasty white cash I mean legs.

  17. Captain and Tennille???

  18. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Starving Kid commercial: the skank version

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